How to Draw Cartoons

Cartoons are one of the most fun things to draw.

When you are determining how to draw cartoons, you will want to consider several things about the character that you are drawing.

  • Is your cartoon a person?


  • Is your cartoon an animal?


  • Is it a little bit of both?

Whatever you decide, you will next want to determine what type of personality your cartoon is going to have. This will help you to determine the gestures that you will add to the cartoon.

How about a Cartoon Dog? 4anime

How to draw a cartoon dog can be broken down into very simple steps. After all, cartoons are unique because they are very simple, yet very expressive.

Step 1

Begin by breaking your cartoon dog down into his basic parts. Start by drawing a simple oval shape. This is the base of the head for your dog.

Step 2

Next, draw a second oval shape except this one is on its side. This will be your dog’s muzzle. Now you will draw a smaller oval within this one for the dog’s nose.

Step 3

Draw the eyes. The left eye needs to be a small circle with a smaller pupil circle inside it. The right eye should be a larger oval shape with a slightly larger pupil.



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